Northfield Forum 10.11.16



Northfield Chamber forum

This forum in Northfield was the second forum where my opponent decided not to come.  I am working very hard to represent all the district.  Too many people are saying they have not been heard.  Time for a new kind of representation.  #VoteVagts

Hello October, where the shoe leather meets the road!

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We’re door knocking Farmington and surrounding areas any evening and weekend that it’s not raining or where I have an appearance or forum.  It is a very large district geographically so we’re covering as much as humanly possible.  

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The more people we have the more ground we cover, so if you want to join me like the wonderful volunteers above, just fill out a volunteer form on this website or message me on my Facebook page! Here is the link:

Our endorsement page is growing every week, please take a look at the great organizations that have endorsed my campaign.  

I have run out of small campaign signs (thank you supporters) but still have large ones so if you would like to show your support with a sign in your yard, please let me know via the volunteer form on this website or on Facebook.

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Minnesota heads in the right direction for employment, population increase

By Marla Vagts
Guest column for Northfield News

I was reading Rep. Pat Garofalo’s guest column about a “magazine study” that claims that rich people are leaving Minnesota in droves and taking their businesses with them.

You know, when you live on a farm, as I used to, you realize that whether it’s being shoveled by a farm kid or by a guy in a suit who drives an $80,000 sports car, manure pretty much smells the same either way.

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