Kick Off Marla’s Campaign on October 24th

my houseYou are cordially invited to our Country Jeans and Sweatshirt FUNdraiser on Saturday, October 24th!

Mingle with local leaders and activists as you enjoy food and beverages around the fire at Marla’s log home.

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Support an objective listener and problem solver who acts compassionately and thoughtfully. It’s time for new leadership in Farmington, Minnesota and Southern Dakota County. 

If you are unable to attend, please consider contributing to Marla’s campaign. Thank you!

Here I come again!

Over this last year I’ve been watching; watching the district, watching the legislature and this past legislative session. There is work to be done, and it’s not currently being done.

I will fight for school funding so they don’t have huge class sizes and kids can learn; I will fight for clean water, to make sure our wells are not too polluted to drink; and I will fight for everyone in my district to have access to technology that now runs our world. These aren’t partisan things, these are our values and I intent to fight for them.

Watch this space for official press release for my run for District 58B Representative for 2016 and pictures of events and people around the Senate District 58 and the greater Congressional District 2.

~ Marla Vagts

Closing thoughts from Marla, on election eve

There have been times in these 8 months where I have felt exhausted. But there has never been a time where I wanted to turn back. I am fighting for this seat so I can help people. I know that’s cliché, but it’s very much true.

That’s why I’m running. The middle class is getting squeezed from every direction and we’ve had it. We don’t want to live on the edge of barely making it anymore. I want to make it better for all of us. It’s about time the middle class gets a break! Work together, find a solution together, make it happen, it helps people.

If that’s important to you, vote for someone who believes it. Is someone fighting for you up at the capital? If not, vote for one who will. Vote for me, Marla Vagts, District 58B. A new kind of representation.






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Marla Vagts meets with Sen. Al Franken

Minnesota House 58B candidate Marla Vagts recently met Sen. Al Franken on the campaign trail.
Minnesota House 58B candidate Marla Vagts recently met Sen. Al Franken on the campaign trail.

In his first six years as a U.S. Senator, Minnesota’s Al Franken has gained a reputation among his peers as an open, hard-working representative of the people who regularly crosses party lines to solve problems. He squeaked into the Senate by 312 votes but bested the combined total of all his GOP challengers by more than 2,000 in the recent primary.

Marla Vagts will bring that same independent spirit to her work as 58B’s state representative, listening more than she talks and seeking compromise to move forward.

Above, Vagts meets Franken on the campaign trail.

Marla Vagts ready to listen at the Dakota County Fair

If you strolled through the exhibits at the Dakota County Fair in Farmington recently, there’s a good chance you stumbled upon Marla Vagts, Minnesota House candidate for 58B. Vagts spent several days at the fair meeting with Dakota Country residents about the change in tone and substance they’d like to see in the Minnesota Legislature.  She believes that in order to represent people, first you need to make yourself available and seek out their opinions. Here, Marla is pictured at the Dakota County DFL booth.

Marla Vagts at the Dakota County Fair.
Marla Vagts at the Dakota County Fair.
Marla Vagts listens to the concerns of a proud veteran at the Dakota County Fair.
Marla Vagts listens to the concerns of a proud veteran at the Dakota County Fair.