About Marla

I have lived in the Farmington area for over 25 years.  My husband Tim and I and our combined family of five children (three of which went to the Farmington Schools) lived in a log home on the east side of Farmington and watched our kids grow up here.  In 2010, my simply awesome husband passed away after a long battle with cancer.

With my kids grown I decided to pursue the issues that were important to me and started getting politically involved.  I started in 2014 with my first run for the Minnesota House.  I was undeterred after I lost in 2014 and ran again in 2016.  It’s never been my way to give up on something I feel passionate about.  I’m here again running again in 2018 because after seeing some of the legislation that was debated last session, I felt I had no other choice.  When my representative votes to allow insurance companies to not cover things like cancer…the very thing that would have bankrupt my family when my husband had cancer, I had to run again.

I worked in the legal department for a telecommunications company for 17 years as the lead negotiator.  I will use my many years of contract negotiation training and experience to bring people together, people from opposite camps, to help minimize the Capitol gridlock and expand bi-partisan cooperation, collaboration and respect.   I will be working to bring people together, to fulfill our common values. I disapprove of the politics of those who seek to disrespect people and disparage entire communities in pursuit of politics of intolerance and division. I want to work with the Minnesota House to get things done for all the hard working people and families in our community.

I want to work hard to provide accessible, affordable health care for all.  Thousands of dollars in deductibles, out of pocket expenses, and sky high prescriptions is not sustainable. We have to find a better way.

I will be a strong advocate for quality and fully funded education–without raising property taxes through the roof.  We have years of precedence of under-funding education and then requiring bonds and levies to make up the short fall, raising our property taxes.

Our area needs accessible, affordable, and equitable broadband for everyone. Lack of broadband stops commerce, stifles small business, and prevents students from accessing technology for their studies.

I want a strong, growing and fair economy that supports everyone, including small businesses and farmers who think they have been forgotten.