About Marla

marlavagtsI have lived in the Farmington area for almost 25 years.  My husband Tim and I and our combined family of five children (three of which went to the Farmington Schools) lived in a log home on the east side of Farmington and watched our kids grow up here.  In 2010, my simply awesome husband passed away after a long battle with cancer.

With my kids grown I decided to pursue the issues that were important to me and started getting politically involved.  I was involved with Organizing for Action last year as a Summer Organizing Fellow and enjoyed being involved and making things happen on issues that I’m passionate about; things that can only happen when numbers of people decide to be involved and collectively make their voices heard.

My day job is in the legal department for a telecommunications company.  I am the lead negotiator.  My job is to bring people together, people from opposite camps, from all different parts of the country to agree on how they’re going to do business.  I will be working to bring people together, to fulfill our common values. I disapprove of the politics of those who seek to disrespect people and disparage entire communities in pursuit of politics of intolerance and division. I want to work with the Minnesota House to get things done for all of our people, for those who work, do business and raise families in our community.

Women’s Issues
I am passionate about women’s issues, their health and their rights are under attack.  My mother’s generation fought this fight once, we’ll fight it again.  We have to level the playing field for women and keep working towards equal pay.   Women’s health decisions cannot be decide by anyone but the woman, not their employer and not panels of men.

Jobs and Economic Security
We must work hard on getting people back to work.  I personally know so many people that have been hurt so badly by this economy.  People cannot make the economy grow without money.  Helping people get back on their feet is critical.  People would rather have a job, but if they can’t get one, we need to help.

The Environment
Our environment is in danger right now. I am committed to being protective of our environment so it can be enjoyed for generations to come.  We must keep our air and water clean and maintain our standing of having the strongest pollution contol standards in the country.  Minnesota is on the forefront of renewable energy.  That will stimulate clean energy industry and will bring jobs and bring down the cost of energy well into the future.