Closing thoughts from Marla, on election eve

There have been times in these 8 months where I have felt exhausted. But there has never been a time where I wanted to turn back. I am fighting for this seat so I can help people. I know that’s cliché, but it’s very much true.

That’s why I’m running. The middle class is getting squeezed from every direction and we’ve had it. We don’t want to live on the edge of barely making it anymore. I want to make it better for all of us. It’s about time the middle class gets a break! Work together, find a solution together, make it happen, it helps people.

If that’s important to you, vote for someone who believes it. Is someone fighting for you up at the capital? If not, vote for one who will. Vote for me, Marla Vagts, District 58B. A new kind of representation.






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